Application supporting the organization of assistance to refugees from Ukraine

Do you want to support refugees, but do not know where and how? Gdzie zbiórka? is a simple and intuitive solution that will direct you to a specific help point on the map of Poland. Check which products are most needed and where you can donate them.

Web application Patronage
Desktop App

At Gdzie zbiórka? you can:

As a coordinator:

  • add your aid point
  • update demands 24/7
  • set demand priorities

As a donor:

  • check the list of verified places
  • find the closest aid point
  • find our current Ukrainian refuges needs

Make your help effective!

Web application

Helping will become even easier! Find a fundraiser on your mobile.



Yes, all fundraisers are previously verified before being officially placed on the website / in the application. We work with organizations that are responsible for the control of points.
Of course, everyone can add their own fundraiser. To create a collection point, it is required to provide all the necessary data, such as: name of the place, address of the place and the contact number to the coordinator of a given point. After passing the verification process, the meeting point will appear in the application, marked on the map.
The markings refer to the demand for certain products at specific collection points, not the current stock level. Markings are given in three levels - high, medium, low. If a product category is not listed, it means that there is no demand for it at the moment.
The main task of the application is to help in organizing activities in terms of logistics. If the application indicates that at a given point, there are enough specific products, please do not provide them. In this case, you can check whether the products we want to deliver are not needed at another point or postpone their delivery until the information that there is a demand for them appears.
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